1.2. Online German Tutoring

“Arnold’s tutoring is very helpful to us German learners. There’s interaction, grammar correction and one can ask questions about vocabulary, culture, etc..”


Main Focus: Writing A1-C2.

1 Session Of 45 Minutes:

€ 11*

(Price Negotiable).

How To Find Me:

Please contact me using the Contact Form that you can find below. We will then meet on Skype or WhatsApp to talk about your personal requirements.

If you agree to have the session, the fee must be paid in full before the start. Payment methods are PayPal, Twint or wire transfer. Please read the General Terms & Conditions.

You can have your sessions 365 days, from 09:00 to 22:00 Zurich / Paris / Madrid Time (CET). Check you time zone here.

Screenshot Of A Tutoring Session On Cisco WebEx Meetings

Technical Requirements:

I use the free Cisco WebEx Meetings communication tool or Skype.

The free “Cisco WebEx Meetings” software allows you to have a video conference or an audio discussion, to chat, share content and annotate materials. You will receive an email that allows you to attend the session. It will automatically install on your computer or tablet. This takes only a few moments.

What you will do and train:

You will submit your own draft texts (i.e. emails, letters, homework, etc.). We will then correct and improve them together during the session. I can help you to write new texts, too.

During your tutoring session you will specifically train your writing skills and you will get from me an individual feedback that will help you to write correctly in German.

Besides, you can join my Free Learning Group On WhatsApp at anytime.

Any Questions? Visit the FAQ page.

Contact Form

After getting your Contact Form we will meet on Skype or WhatsApp to talk about your personal requirements.

Having trouble with this form? Send a message to WhatsApp +41794801527

*For residents of Switzerland: CHF 22

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